Best Ways to Get Marriage Proposal From Men – How to Get Marriage Proposal

Best Ways to Get Marriage Proposal From Men – How to Get Marriage Proposal.

You need to know that there are some simple tricks you need to apply to get your man propose without further delay. In places like Africa and Asian ladies are forbidden to propose to a man, the after come of this is disastrous as some men end up dumping their long time love.

Have you been in a relationship for long and your guy is not ready to propose? I really understand how frustrating it this can be.

How to Get Marriage Proposal

How to Get Marriage Proposal

How then can this be prevented? The answer to this question is quite simple. All you need do is apply the tricks listed in this article and you will surely see him on his knees

10 Easy Ways To Get Marriage Proposal From Men

Here are the ways to him propose Fast

1. Wear good look

Men are easily attracted by what they see, so endeavor to look good, attractive and s3ductive always. Wear good outfits that keep him wanting for more; just make him know that you possess all he desires.

2. Don’t be too demanding and money conscious

Men are always agitated when it comes to money and finance, they are always fast to know whether you actually l0ve and cherish them or you are just with them because of the money and comfortability.

If you want him to propose then you to stop being too demanding and money conscious.

Recently ladies developed the ugly lifestyle of marry and divorce just to enable them get half of their husbands wealth and cash and this ploy has made men to be more sensitive. Be self contended.

How to Get Marriage Proposal

3. Always put up smiles

The importance of smiles and laughter in relationship cannot be overemphasized. Smiles go a long way to say plenty positive things about you. When you always put a sparkling smile then his heart will become yours, smiles keep men captivated and in turn make them propose.

4. Avoid over dependence

Is totally wrong to heap all your problems on him. Try as much as you can to be self dependent, this shows you are matured and classy.

5. Wear his clothes

Once in a while wear his clothes especially his T-shirts/polos. You can put it on when you guys are together or when going for evening or casual walk. If the top is too big try to fold it or turn it into a crop or hanging top.

How to Get Marriage Proposal


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